A Paradigm Shift for a Sustainable Health Care System

Until we analyze a problem correctly, we’ll never find the correct solution. So, let’s call our health care system what it truly is: a sickness care system, not health care system. Basically, our hospitals, doctors, and pharmacies are vested in sickness, not in health. They only make money when we’re sick, not when we’re well.

Living in our capitalistic society, we must realize that if we are not vested in wellness ― if our wellness does not generate money for our doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies ― a healthy society will never happen.

This paradigm shift for our health care system redirects society where all health care providers only make money when we stay well. Thus, they are highly incentivized to keep us well and lose money when we’re sick. This program gives us a sustainable health care system that is not only affordable, but extremely profitable for all stakeholders. In the process, we develop and maintain a very healthy society and save our nation from going bankrupt.