Freedom from Anxiety & Stress

The annual cost to employers in stress-related health care and missed work is $300 billion ― 73% of our population experiences psychological symptoms from stress ― 76% cite money and work as the leading cause of their stress.

The effects of stress have become an epidemic in American society ― everyone is seeking relief from stress. We see medical experts, and receive expensive medications and therapies. We change jobs, careers, and even spouses. We take exotic vacations, but stress returns despite them. Could it be, while we have concentrated on every possible factor around us, we really need to better understand what is within us?

The recipe for stress-free living is found in the book TEA. It enlightens us about the true causes of anxiety and stress, which we often ascribe to the wrong issues and reasons. Until we understand the true cause, we’ll continue blaming the world around us.

This course explores the wisdom hidden within the acronym of T.E.A., which can align our human systems, empower us beyond anything we could ever have imagined, and ultimately sets us free from stress and frustration.