Myths of Leadership

The Myth: Leaders are born, not created.

The Reality: Perceived leaders claim leadership by whatever means available.

The Truth: True leadership happens when we understand who we truly are and begin to lead ourselves first.

The Myth: Leaders have high integrity and a well-established value system.

The Reality: Perceived leaders practice integrity only when they are being watched.  Their morals and values are borrowed and are always negotiable for a price and/or favor.

The Truth: Complete integration in Oneness gives rise to a true leader.  As a result, their value system and integrity come from within and are therefore not an act, but are an inseparable and integral part of them.

The Myth: Leaders are charismatic.

The Reality: Perceived leaders are merely well-groomed actors and are experts at putting on a show.

The Truth: True Leaders achieve charismatic results instead of being charismatic as they are integrated with their purpose and place on Earth, and thus they walk their talk.

The Myth: Leaders lead people through sincerity and trust.

The Reality: Perceived Leaders lead people by manipulating human insecurities such as fear and greed.

The Truth: True Leaders lead themselves first, thereby setting an example of trust and sincerity, nurturing and focusing everyone toward the core purpose of adding the highest value at all times.

The things in life that appear to be real are not. Reality escapes us and we end up wasting our entire lives chasing falsehoods.
— Ratanjit Sondhe