In 1973, Ratanjit founded the international materials science company POLY-CARB, Inc. By 2007, he had become an industry leader and it was that year that we were acquired by The Dow Chemical Company.

The success of POLY-CARB was based on the principles he’d operated by for several decades. They are outlined in his book How Oneness Changes Everything: Empowering Business Through 9 Universal Laws

By the early 1990s, he was getting the strong inner nudge to create a business that would introduce these 9 Laws and other transformative information to the world. It was then that he began creating a series of videos and audio CDs, as well as wrote the book TEA: The Recipe for Stress-Free Living.

Since then, He has produced over 700 audio and video programs with topics ranging from business to leadership, education, economics, government, science, ethics, integrity, communication, relationships, spirituality, and much more.