Outcomes of Leadership

We often mistake a "leader" as someone who's successful, powerful, dominant, persuasive, and a winner.  Unfortunately, what we're seeing exhibited are only some of the facets of "authority," not true leadership.

What should be the outcome of a true leader?

  • Winning at any cost?
  • Focusing on the destination rather than the journey?
  • Producing winners and losers or creating a win-win scenario?
  • Leading a team or producing a team of leaders?
  • Taking credit for winning or taking the blame for losing?
  • Being controlled by circumstances or capitalizing on the circumstances?
  • Having the right skills and experience or comprehending and living your true purpose in life?
  • Having authority or giving authority?
  • Having titles, awards, position, and power or an indomitable will to fulfill your true purpose?
Nothing will make you a true leader until you first know who you really are and begin to lead yourself in every thought, word and action.
— Ratanjit Sondhe