Path of Leadership

Leadership is a journey of continuous improvement wherein one's only true competition is one's own best.

We give leaders trophies, titles, endorsements and degrees, but they only become baggage, which hinders their journey.  Their unnecessary medals, acclaim, and ego will only hold them back from climbing and surmounting the next mountain peak on their journey.

True leadership cannot be driven by destinations or goals.  Every failure is actually a success and every success is a failure!

Failures expose weaknesses and provide an opportunity to convert weaknesses into strengths leading to future successes.  Conversely, all successes are achieved in spite of hidden weaknesses.  When believing themselves to be successful, leaders miss an opportunity to identify and improve upon weaknesses.

The path of leadership is not about doing extraordinary tasks, but embarking on a journey of doing every task in an extraordinary manner.

Understanding the path of leadership brings sustainable confidence because of a burning inner drive to add the highest value at all times and make a difference in every thought and action unconditionally.

It is only through leading yourself first that you are in a position to lead others. But you can’t lead yourself until you know WHAT in your needs leading and WHO is in you is capable of leading.
— Ratanjit Sondhe