The 25 Habits of a Successful & Flourishing Life

We accumulate knowledge, we seek it, but we do not live our knowledge. Instead, we file it away, talk about, write books about it, and even preach it. But the truth is that we instead live our habits. Until we convert our knowledge into habits, we simply don’t live that knowledge.

We are truly creatures of habits ― they influence and impact our lives, careers, relationships, and decision making. Yet, are they habits that empower and free us or incapacitate and enslave us? Essentially, habits are your identifying characteristics, acquired disciplines, predictable actions, are sometimes inherited, always being formed, liabilities when driven by pleasures, assets when controlled, opportunities for improvement, your loyal servants, and chosen wisely by the successful.

Any time you consecutively practice anything, it becomes a habit. Habits are the means for allowing us to do things with minimal effort and thinking. If we have bad habits, they’ll ultimately get us into trouble. If we have good habits, they become a means for empowerment and success.

Learn the 12 Self-integration and 12 Social-integration habits, and the one Master Habit that will transform and enrich every aspect of your life giving you control in your life, minimizing stress, and enhancing your self-worth, dignity, reliability, and confidence — and position you for sustainable success.