The Fundamentals of Civilization

The civility of a civilization should not only be measured by how educated its women are and how that society respects and involves them in key decision making, but also how its men tap into and utilize the feminine power present within themselves.

This is not just a theory, but has been used throughout history, Mahatma Gandhi being a primary example as he implemented this with great effectiveness. He brought down the world’s most powerful empire, the British Empire, without employing violence, destructiveness, and divisiveness. It was the most extraordinary use of feminine power practiced by a male in human history.

The fundamental understanding this program offers is that activating and empowering the compassionate, innate feminine energy in all of us ― in all our decision making ― is imperative if we want to lead our society to the betterment of all humanity. This pure feminine energy teaches us that our true wealth is reflected in our character, our strength is reflected in our kindness, our generosity is reflected in our gratefulness, our wisdom is reflected in our selflessness, and our truth is reflected when we see One in all and all in One.

The Fundamentals of Civilization program not only empowers women, but most importantly, activates and empowers the peaceful, holistic, and nurturing feminine energy in men at all levels of society, something even Wall Street is recognizing today ― the superior and sustainable management paradigm of female CEOs. There is no assurance, though, that this feminine power in its purest form will always come through all women. To tap into the feminine, even women need to be aware of and in touch with this innate power.

This program effectively enhances and enriches both men and women in maximizing their intrinsic energies and compassionate power to uplift, inspire, and re-align society to its true potential.

Ultimately, the foundation of civilization is its morality. The secret of bringing society up to its moral code is hidden within the acronym M.O.R.A.L.