Covering a diverse spectrum of real-world and timely topics, Discoverhelp webinars and seminars provide an entirely new perspective and methodology addressing today’s pressing challenges. Not just for the business arena, these provocative presentations apply to every aspect of one’s life, including one’s family, community, and nation. Based on the Oneness paradigm, all of these programs help you to discover the core of who you truly are and what your real mission and purpose in life are.

The Foundation & Path of Real Leadership

Highest Empowered Leadership Training (HELP) ― Every piece of iron inherently has the potential to become a magnet, capable of creating an invisible field that repels or attracts simply by aligning the poles within. Likewise, each of us carries within us tremendous untapped power. Have you ever wished you could unlock this dynamic, unlimited potential? Now you can!

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The 9 Universal Laws of Sustainable Success

There are four ways to attain success.  First, get lucky. Second, through hard work.  Third, learn and apply the manipulative ways taught to us by our education and experience.  Fourth, understand and apply 9 Universal Laws that ultimately result in long term sustainable success.

These 9 Laws of Oneness are life-changing and they change lives. Just as a stone dropped into a still pond, the effect of these indisputable Laws radiates out into the world transforming those it touches. Change occurs: perceptions change, motivations change, lives change.

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The Foundation & Path to Viable Diversity

We live in a world that is one vast melting pot of humanity. Simmering in that pot are ongoing conflicts based on our insecurities, misunderstandings, delusions, fears, and egos. Diversity is the new buzzword for integration of all facets of society. Instead, we find ourselves consistently mired in discord and competition for power, control, and status.

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The 25 Habits of a Successful & Flourishing Life

We accumulate knowledge, we seek it, but we do not live our knowledge. Instead, we file it away, talk about, write books about it, and even preach it. But the truth is that we instead live our habits. Until we convert our knowledge into habits, we simply don’t live that knowledge.

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The Core of Loyalty and Teambuilding

The concept of loyalty has become a means to manipulate people to achieve one’s own agendas, whether those agendas are ethical or not, whether our actions are ethical or not. This manipulation causes discord within any team and eventually leads to failure, hurt, disappointment, and damaged lives.

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Freedom from Anxiety & Stress

The annual cost to employers in stress-related health care and missed work is $300 billion ― 73% of our population experiences psychological symptoms from stress ― 76% cite money and work as the leading cause of their stress.

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How to be a True Human

Each of us thinks we’re human. We walk, talk, look and act like humans, but are we being true to our fundamental nature that springs from within us? Human beings have exhibited extraordinary creativity, chutzpah, innovation, heart, and wisdom. Yet, we still find ourselves struggling, competing, arguing, destroying each other, and striving to find a sense of place in our tumultuous world. Why?

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The Fundamentals of Civilization

The civility of a civilization should not only be measured by how educated its women are and how that society respects and involves them in key decision making, but also how its men tap into and utilize the feminine power present within themselves.

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The Secret of True Prosperity

The wealth of a society should be measured by the wealth of its poorest member and not by how many billionaires it has.

Until we understand the clear difference between today’s distorted capitalism and pure capitalism, we will forever remain victims of fear, greed, addictions, insecurities, dishonesty, delusions of grandeur, and prejudices.

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A Paradigm Shift for a Sustainable Health Care System

Until we analyze a problem correctly, we’ll never find the correct solution. So, let’s call our health care system what it truly is: a sickness care system, not health care system. Basically, our hospitals, doctors, and pharmacies are vested in sickness, not in health. They only make money when we’re sick, not when we’re well.

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Fee Schedule

Duration: Half hour to 45 min.
Attendee Fee: $49/pp

4-session Webinar
Duration: 1 hour each
Attendee Fee: $300 total

8-session Webinar
Duration: 1 hour each
Attendee Fee: $750 total