What Drives Leadership?


  • What is true self-confidence?
  • Can a leader's confidence by sustained by self-direction and drive alone or should external factors also contribute?


  • What is the secret to effective communication?
  • Do leaders need to rely on "communication skills" or does self-integration reflected through their actions plan an integral part?


  • Is integrity more than morality, honesty, and ethics?
  • Can an individual maintain their personal values and still achieve success?

Constant Learning

  • How can leaders be curious, creative, and continuously learning while being a leader?
  • In this rapidly changing world, do leaders understand what should never change?

Powerful Intentions

  • What intentions should a leader have?
  • Does ego have a place in leadership?
An actor can play any character, but your true character can never be an act.
— Ratanjit Sondhe