Keynote Addresses

Ratanjit delivers an impact to make your event one to remember. After meeting or hearing Ratanjit, most people are first amazed by his humble and powerful aura of kindness, love, and truth. 

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V.I.P. Leadership Retreat

This program is designed for complete, wholistic transformation including mind, body & spirit. In the week-long workshop, participants are given a full understanding of the core timeless principles of leadership and true success.

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Workshops / Trainings

Discoverhelp workshops/trainings are designed to instill the fundamental truths underlying the subject of each program. The courses dispel the myths upon which we’ve based our lives, behaviors, character, beliefs, values and habits and instead instill timeless truths that reach deeply into and transform every facet of our lives.

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Designed for senior management to address current business constraints, uncertainties, limitations, and subsidized global competition coupled with the new realities of today’s environment that businesses must face,

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Webinars / Seminars

Covering a diverse spectrum of real-world and timely topics, Discoverhelp webinars and seminars provide an entirely new perspective and methodology addressing today’s pressing challenges.

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Books provide a portal to ever-new horizons in which we can re-discover ourselves and reveal the true purpose of our lives.

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