Through the following webinars, workshops/trainings and presentations, Ratanjit S. Sondhe presents an in-depth understanding of and grounding in the principles that lead to the fundamentals of leadership, something that is actually inherent within all of us:

Instead of an academic perspective, Ratanjit’s H.E.L.P. programs impart a practical, intuitive approach to leadership development that is the essence of integral theory and the core of leadership.


Duration: 45 minutes
Attendee Fee: $100/pp (min. 100 attendees)
Light refreshments will be provided.


Duration: 3 hrs
Attendee Fee: $500/pp (min. 50 attendees)
Breakfast and refreshments will be provided.



Duration: 8 hrs
Attendee Fee: $1,500/pp (min. 15 attendees)
Breakfast and lunch provided.


Duration: 2½ days
Attendee Fee: $5,000/pp (min. 5 attendees)
Breakfast and lunch provided. Dinners on one’s own.

* Fees do not include flight, transportation, hotel, and meals (except what is stated above).