The Foundation of Leadership

Similar to the invisible field of a magnet...

...a piece of iron can become a very powerful magnet, capable of creating an invisible field that repels or attracts, simply by aligning the poles within.

Like a piece of iron, we all have the potential to align ourselves to the power within us that is at the core of true leadership.

Through analysis of ourselves and the way that our bodies and minds function, we will discover the fundamental Universal Truths surrounding us that are continuously at work.  When we are aligned with these Truths, we are working as Nature has designed us and thus not only operate at optimum capacity, but are free of stress, anxiety, insecurities, vanity, and fear.

Traditional education at all levels overlooks teaching these powerful Universal Truths.  Fundamentally, alignment with and mastery of "the power within you" is the foundation and catalyst of true leadership.

You cannot know, see, or practice the real truth until you discover the truth about your own inner self.
— Ratanjit Sondhe