The Core of Loyalty and Teambuilding

The concept of loyalty has become a means to manipulate people to achieve one’s own agendas, whether those agendas are ethical or not, whether our actions are ethical or not. This manipulation causes discord within any team and eventually leads to failure, hurt, disappointment, and damaged lives.

Loyalty can be driven by our wants and needs, which at best is temporary and can be artificial, bought, and manipulated. True loyalty has to be vested in our achievement of true inner self-worth. Once we understand where that comes from and how it can empower and facilitate open and meaningful communication, the result is cohesive team building, creativity, peace of mind, inner confidence, and inner fulfillment at all levels.

With the lightning speed of change today because of technology and where human beings are treated like commodities, unless loyalty is understood correctly, we’re going to continuously stress and burn people out and systematically destroy our society. The sustainable success and future of an organization, company, or even a society is not so dependent on technology, systems, skill sets, degrees, resources, and market value. It in fact depends on the understanding and implementation of intrinsic loyalty that will give rise to the creativity, trust, reliability, passion, and empowerment of all of its participants and members.

The Core of Loyalty and Teambuilding program re-aligns us to the true understanding of loyalty and how that becomes the core structure upon which teams thrive and achieve long-lasting success not only at work but at home and in one’s communities. The program instills the understanding that “truth is higher than everything ― higher still is truthful living,” which is accomplished through 15 Operating Principles to live and thrive by.