The Foundation & Path of Real Leadership

Every piece of iron inherently has the potential to become a magnet, capable of creating an invisible field that repels or attracts simply by aligning the poles within. Likewise, each of us carries within us tremendous untapped power. Have you ever wished you could unlock this dynamic, unlimited potential? Now you can!

This unique workshop:

  • Exposes the myths of leadership
  • Reveals the ultimate secret of becoming a dynamic force for change and discovering who you really are, thus revealing your true purpose in life
  • Explains how to become a highest, value-adding entity by deciphering the wisdom in each letter of A.D.D.V.A.L.U.E.
  • Shows how to avoid making the critical errors that destroy careers, damage personal relationships, and cost corporations millions of dollars.

Survive and thrive. Now as never before, we are all interconnected and interdependent for our survival and our success. Discover the power and insight offered by living in harmony with a timeless and universal ethical framework and see first-hand how it uniquely positions each of us for success in a fast-changing, global economy.