The Foundation & Path to Viable Diversity

We live in a world that is one vast melting pot of humanity. Simmering in that pot are ongoing conflicts based on our insecurities, misunderstandings, delusions, fears, and egos. Diversity is the new buzzword for integration of all facets of society. Instead, we find ourselves consistently mired in discord and competition for power, control, and status.

Billions of dollars are spent on Diversity training every year, yet we see more divisiveness, more discrimination, more bullying, and the mindset of ownership and “What’s in it for me?” overtaking every aspect of our society.

For true diversity, we must see the commonality that goes far beyond gender, nationality, race, color, age, religion, social status, etc., which simultaneously empowers us to build lasting and meaningful relationships with everyone we come across. The outcome and implications of this mindset will not only enrich us as individuals, but enrich all of society.

This highly engaging and entertaining program establishes that commonality emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually crossing all boundaries of ethnicity, religions, titles, etc. This program reveals the core understanding of who each of us truly is, reveals the true human within us in order to focus on our true purpose in life, and how to apply both in all our relationships to make a positive difference in the world and create lasting and compassionate diversity through the understanding and practice of D.I.G.N.I.T.Y.